Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Bonanza Day Lily

The abundance of varieties of Day Lily species I discovered at Bernheim Arboretum a few weeks ago was astounding. I wasn't sure what I would find on my brief stop over as I made my way home to Tennessee, but I was filled with anticipation nonetheless. When I discovered this Day Lily garden just off the Visitor Center, I felt like I had hit the jackpot of color. Yellows, maroons, oranges, purples. These were just a few of the colors featured in this flower garden. There were long skinny petals and short pudgy petals. There were variations of hues, and least we forget, there were ruffled Day Lilies too. I had fun photographing them. I had even more fun perusing my archive at all the varieties. Totally cool. Here's a Hemerocallis Bonanza Day Lily. Like many of the names given to these gorgeous, brightly colored flowers, I haven't a clue where they got the name. Hope all is well with you. Stay cool. ENJOY!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

To Market, To Market

A visit to the Hendersonville Farmer's Market was in order a few weeks ago with my trusty camera in tow. It was a fun, yet hot and humid experience. Perhaps the better phrase would be 'sweltering at the veggie stand'. Our farmer's market sets up in the green space at Streets of Indian Lake, an outdoor mall in Hendersonville. It's a treat! Come with me as we shop and snap. And I don't mean snap as in beans, but snap as in photos.

I've never met an Eggplant I didn't like. And while I've never eaten Eggplant in any form or fashion that I recall, I love this dark veggie with their bright green sprout on top.

This gal was singing her heart out. Decked out in red, white and blue, she belted out a few tunes while I shopped. She has a deep, gutsy type of voice.

Shucks! I'm loving this Farmer's Market. I sure thank Hendersonville for putting on this display. It's a little corny, don't you think. Yes, a pun was intended.

Well, I declare, let's Salsa. Who knew one could find homemade Salsa at the Farmer's Market. I grabbed a jar, and after getting home and cooling down, whew was that one hot visit, I munched on some chips and Salsa.

I admit it. I have a fetish for Eggplants. I love their bottom heavy shape, their bright, but purple hue. I love everything about them. Now I just have to try one sometime.

Tomato or Tamatoe! Which do you prefer. I love the Tomato no matter how one says it. I love it in Salsa, of course, and spaghetti and lasagna and, well, you get the gist of it.

Did I mention the Hendersonville Mounted Police were here in their finery. And in this case the finery was a chestnut mare, who I believe is called Rango. We have one of the finest police forces in America right here in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

It wouldn't be a Farmer's Market if not for a flower image. Don't you agree. I absolutely loved my visit to the Farmer's Market. And I hope you enjoyed my photo expo of my visit. If it had been five degrees cooler, I would have loved it even more, but hey, it's July. Hope you have a fruits and veggies kind of weekend all. Stay cool. ENJOY!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

Everyone have a wonderful 4th of July! Triple digit heat indices across America this holiday weekday. Pop up thunderstorms are a daily occurrence here and bring added fireworks. Here is an image from the fireworks display as they light up across Old Hickory Lake from Drakes Creek Park here in Hendersonville. Stay hydrated all and be safe on this Independence Day! ENJOY!

Friday, June 29, 2018

In the Gardens, Bernheim Arboretum

On the back side of a business trip to Louisville this week, as I made my way home to Tennessee yesterday, I stopped at Bernheim Arboretum, my favorite green space on the planet. It's right off I-65 as you leave Louisville. As I passed the Day Lily Gardens, I knew I would be driving the parameter road a second time to capture some pics of the gorgeous blooms.

You know when I caught sight of this deep maroon Day Lily with its bright yellow center, I couldn't resist taking a couple of different perspectives. I love this particular hue. So rich looking. You will never guess it's name. It's Morning Eye Candy. Well, now isn't that just so totally appropriate. It definitely is that and even looks good enough to eat if one could eat a Day Lily.

Oh, how I miss photographing more often at Bernheim, but it's a tad far for a photo session from Hendersonville. This heat wave we are in the throws of in the middle states of the United States is very serious. So everyone be very, very careful when you venture out. I'll write another post featuring more Day Lily images I captured at Bernheim soon. Have a fabulous weekend. The 4th is coming! ENJOY!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Weathered Barn Story

A while back I got to thinking about a silent movement taking place in America. In order to confirm my suspicion, I took a short drive to the outskirts of the tiny town of Portland, in north central Tennessee, about thirty miles north of Hendersonville. I turned my car down a narrow country road where fields of vegetables and hay are harvested every year. Below is the barn I was in search of taken back in 2016. It was still in its original condition, minus a plank here or there, sitting in the middle of a farm field bringing charm and beauty to the landscape around it.

Below is the same barn two years later as I photographed it a few weeks ago. Notice the distinct difference in the appearance of that beautiful, old weathered structure?

A barn wood trend has taken over the remodeling industry and especially in middle Tennessee. Barn wood doors, barn wood tables and more are all the rage. I thought perhaps a storm had come through partially destroying it. However, there's another barn right across the street from this one with whole sections missing. The barn wood trend has reached out and stripped these two old structures of their original form. I pray this trend doesn't take out all of our vintage barns dotting the landscape. They bring such charm to our surroundings. I love to drive down an old country road and look over to see an old weathered barn sitting in the middle of a field. Who doesn't love that. I wanted to share this story as I knew before I took that drive to capture new images of that old barn that I might find it in a different condition. Time changes everything, but only if we let it. ENJOY!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Drive the Refuge

Come along as I drive the Duck River Unit of the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge, a birder's paradise. Here's a collection of images as I made my way into and out of the refuge.

The refuge is home to birds in all shapes and sizes and colors and in all the varying habitats within the refuge. A twist in the road and you scare up a large wading bird who takes flight from the intrusion. You don't mean to intrude, but with the grasses along the road obscuring what lay on the other side, and the swamps adjacent to the road much lower, it is inevitable. A few of the birds I encountered:

Great Blue Heron, Great White Egret, Mallard Ducks,
Eastern Kingbird, Indigo Bunting, Dickcissel, Bobolink, Yellow Headed Blackbird

I hope you enjoyed the drive and would love to know if you have a favorite photo.

If you are in the Eastern United States, we're in the throws of a full blown heat wave, so be careful out of doors. Have an enjoyable weekend all. ENJOY!