Tuesday, November 14, 2017

American White Pelicans, Old Hickory Lake

Imagine my surprise today to find American White Pelicans roosting on an old dead tree on Old Hickory Lake. I was about to turn into my complex when I looked off to the left and saw a whole lot of white in the middle of the lake. I knew it wasn't Great White Egrets as it was just too much white. I pulled into the tiny parking lot on the left next to the lake and got out to investigate.

I had read on the Birding News website which you can find at this link, Birding ABA, that the Pelicans were migrating South and had been seen at various wildlife refuges East and West of Nashville, albeit several hundred miles away. Apparently, these guys decided to make a stop over on the lake and roost for the evening. One by one they eventually congregated together, as a few of them were still swimming towards the group as I spotted them. My guess is they had just landed within the last half hour. What a treat. ENJOY!


  1. Oh, I love seeing them. We saw them here for the first time a few years ago. You sure got some great shots.

    1. This is only the second time I've gotten to see this many together. Love photographing them. Carol