Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow? Do you remember that nursery rhyme? I do. And because I have such a myriad of images from my two photo shoots at Bernheim while the Japanese Magnolias were blooming, I have a few more images to share.

The second time I stopped by Bernheim most all of the Magnolias were blooming. The scent was magnificent.

This is a holiday weekend so I decided to take tomorrow off. I love three day weekends. They make life so much more pleasant. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing there'll be speckled malted milk balls and chocolate bunnies in your weekend. There are so many wonderful things about Easter. The colored grasses to fill the Easter baskets, the dying of the eggs, the ham and potato salad. Let's not forget church and the Easter services, sunrise or regular hours, and all of the black patent leather shoes and Easter bonnets. I hope all of you have a fantastic Easter and a great weekend. I'll try to post again before the weekend is gone. ENJOY!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Buds and Blooms at Bernheim

This image has everything any photographer would long for. Beautiful pink Magnolia blooms, gorgeous moss covered Magnolia buds and craggy Magnolia branches contrasted against the green lawn of Bernheim's Arboretum in the background.

It is such a wonderful Spring at Bernheim. The lawns are greening up. The trees are bursting forth with bright green leaves. The Magnolias and Cherry trees are blooming with gorgeous yellows, whites and pinks.

This Spring has brought us skies as blue as the ocean, clouds in fluffy white and bright sunshine. And even though we have an occasional day filled with Spring showers, as was today, or a late Spring snowfall predicted, as we do this evening, it cannot dampen Spring's coming. And with Spring in full force, can Summer be far behind. I hope all of you who are still experiencing Winter's last hooray will soon see Spring take hold around your world. ENJOY!

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Soft Feel

This beautiful Japanese Magnolia bloom is just one of the many blooms I found at Bernheim Saturday glistening in the bright sunshine as I walked around the many Magnolia trees taking in the beauty and the wonderful scents of Spring.

As I looked through my images from that shoot, this image beckoned to me to post it. But, something didn't seem quite right. And then I softened the image. And there it was, the beauty came shining through right back at me. There all along waiting for me to see it. I love it when that happens. ENJOY!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

White Magnolias

As the many colors of the beautiful Japanese Magnolia trees bloom throughout the Arboretum at Bernheim, I pay a visit or two to capture their whites and pinks and yellows.

Speaking of yellow, the yellow Magnolias are at full bud right now and ready to burst forth. I promise I will stop by one day this week late in the day and take a few images. There is something about those gorgeous yellow Magnolias that just can't be beat. Hope you had a great weekend. I took a long three days off to catch my breath from a busy last few weeks of work and to catch up on some shopping, photo taking and hanging out. ENJOY!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Magnolias in Bloom

Spring found its way to Kentucky after a harsh and quite lengthy winter.

The Japanese Magnolias are blooming at Bernheim and I had to pay a visit to witness such a beautiful sight after such a long hard winter. I hope wherever you are, Spring finds its way to you very soon. ENJOY!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pelican Brief

A few more images from my trip to Goose Pond a few Sundays past to photograph the American White Pelicans.

Such huge birds with odd shaped bodies and large noses on their beaks. Also quite interesting to watch them socializing with each other and flying in and out of groupings.

These birds will fly to the upper Midwest and parts in southern Canada to nest and breed.

As the winter takes over, the birds will fly to coastlines along the southern United States as well as Central and Southern American coasts. Earlier this week one naturialist counted one thousand Pelicans still stopped over at Goose Pond. Would love to go back on a warm day and take some images.

A new Nikon D5100 arrived last week. Yippee! I think my future holds a higher end Nikon, but for now I'm sticking with the D5100.

Spring has arrived in the Bluegrass State with a balmy 80 degrees today! Magnolias are blooming in Bernheim and with some luck perhaps I can get some images this weekend. We have three days of rain coming this week. I know Spring hasn't taken a foothold in the mountains out West or here in the Eastern Appalachians. And some folks tell me snow is still an every day occurrence in Canada, so perhaps we should be consulting the weather Gods to help remedy this situation. ENJOY!

Monday, March 24, 2014

American White Pelicans

Dare I drive two hours to see what birds are at Goose Pond FWA in central Indiana. Why, of course. The sky was blue, the sun was shining only occasionally abscurred by fluffy white clouds. Beautiful American White Pelicans were busily cohabitating in one of the many marshlands in Beehunter's Marsh in Goose Pond FWA just south of a tiny town called Linton in central Indiana. They allowed me to only get so close and then they would move away.

Numbering in the hundreds, the pelicans were busily refueling, as they took a much needed break, having traveled far from points in the southern United States. A migration only partially complete. Soon these pelicans will depart, as have many of their counterparts already, to points north, where they will nest and breed.

There was one small flock of pelicans in the southern most marsh at Beehunter's that I was sure were the only ones left. But before departing Goose Pond, I checked one last marsh in northern Beehunter's and there they were. Huddled in large groups and small, hundreds of American White Pelicans. So glad I persevered. To watch these huge birds with their large knotty bills and bright yellow (although I think they are more orange than yellow) gullets and their large black tipped wings was amazing. Amazing. And a Life List Bird for me as well. Yippee.

My various Goose Pond encounters included Whooping Cranes, which I wasn't expecting at all, Sandhill Cranes, Northern Shovelers, American Coots, Tundra Swans and Canadian Geese, of course. But the highlight for me was the American White Pelicans. And they are actually why I made the long drive. So gorgeous. ENJOY!

Postscript: Did I mention I can foretell the future. I see a new Nikon camera body in my future. OK. I dropped my Nikon last night with my 300 lens on it and jammed the shutter release. I'll have it repaired, of course, as it still has lots of life left in it. The lens is OK, I think. But in anticipation of taking a trip later this year, I have decided a second camera body is necessary. Did I mention that I am well known, and I do mean, well known, for being clumsy. I am. I have a long, long history dating back to all of the plates I broke as a young girl while drying the dishes in the evening after dinner. There my clumsiness was first evidenced and well, it still prevails.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yellow Iris

Spring is slowly awakening here in the Bluegrass State. As I drive the countryside, patches of yellow Daffodils dot the landscape. The grass is slowly greening. Spring breezes bring warmth where winter's cold winds once blew. Buds stand ready to burst forth from every branch of every tree.
As I step inside each shop, fuzzy yellow ducks and chicks greet me with smiling faces. Speckled eggs and brightly colored Easter baskets are piled high on the tables. Faux grasses stand at the ready in their bright pinks and yellows and purples. Chocolate Easter bunnies and speckled eggs fill the shelves waiting patiently for candy jars overflowing.

Bygone days come back to me now of Easter's past. Bonnets adorned with flowers and long ribbons stand ready and waiting. Patent leather shoes shiny as glass sparkle in the bright sunshine. Soft pink pinafores with freshly ironed creases hang in the closet. Church bells soon give way to dinner as smells of Easter ham waif in the air. Harbingers of Spring surround us. Sorry to have been away for a bit. Such a busy schedule. ENJOY!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sandhill Crane Migration

Slowly, the Sandhill Cranes are lifting off in pairs and the like to begin their long and arduous journey back to their nesting grounds in Canada, leaving Kentucky and Indiana behind.

Checking the birding websites as I do daily, I read the posts from individuals who leave comments regarding the daily sightings of the Cranes as they fly overhead toward points North.
Reportedly there are six to seven thousand Sandhill Cranes in and around Ewing Bottoms and Mustatatuck NWR. However, they are migrating north which leaves the farmers in South Central Indiana to begin preparation for planting their Spring crops. I am grateful for the farms fields which fed and watered the Cranes as they overwintered there. The Cranes will be gone until late November or December. I hope they will fair well on their migration north and return in good health and in abundance bringing young adult Cranes with them.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those families who lost family and/or friends on the Malyasian Airlines plane that perished in the South China Sea today. I truly hope terrorism was not a factor.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening. I'll be back soon. ENJOY!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Perhaps

In May of 2011, I spent an afternoon at Bernheim taking in all that Spring had to offer.
This beautiful scene with the Canadian Goslings lazing about on the fresh green lawn next to Lake Nevin was just one of many beautiful scenes that I witnessed on that day. I long for those warm Spring days with bright green lawns and bushes and freshly grown leaves. If I could will it to be, I would have already done so. I know there are those who are still covered in Winter's snow, but here in the Bluegrass State I cannot wait for Spring to begin to burst forth. I have been absent this week only because I had to travel out of town for several days to a meeting. This was a rare time when I didn't even take my camera equipment. I felt lost without it, but didn't actually need it. I would be out of doors now, but the cloud cover is fairly solid with only an occasional stream of sunshine making it through. Tomorrow perhaps. Hope you are enjoying your weekend albeit warm and dry or cold and knee deep in Winter's cover. ENJOY!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Is A Wrap

February brought us . . .

. . . below zero temperatures, ice laden branches, snow covered fields, slushy driving lanes, snowflakes flying, winds blustering and most of all winter's fury. I wish for Spring to come forth and bless us . . . with bright sunny days, beautiful blue skies, warmer Spring breezes, pink and yellow flowers blooming, grasses greening, leaves sprouting, bushes growing and all that comes with this gentler season. ENJOY!