Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dogwoods at Bernheim

On my visit to Bernheim Saturday, I noticed quite a few Dogwood trees. I hadn't really noticed how many there were in year's past.

As I was driving up to the arboretum I saw this small Dogwood off in the distance. I love these trees in bloom with the bright green grasses having just sprouted for Spring. The sky was a beautiful blue with white fluffy clouds which made it all the better.

Soon all the Dogwood blooms will be gone for another year. Oh how I love them. Sadly, I missed the Japanese Magnolias and the Crab Apples this year. Perhaps next year.

Before reaching the arboretum on the perimeter drive, sits this small lake with a bridge across it. I noticed the Dogwoods up on the hill. The reflection of the bridge was almost perfect as the wind had died down and the water was very still. I hope you enjoyed the Dogwoods. The Crocus are gone. The Daffodils are gone. Soon the Tulips will be gone. And of course, the Dogwoods. Leaving us with Summer's flowers. Foxgloves and Roses and Daisies and Black Eyed Susan's. ENJOY!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Beautiful Pink Dogwood

My favorite Dogwood tree at Bernheim is this gorgeous deep pink one that sits at the very end of the arboretum. I snapped an image Saturday as I was driving into Louisville for the Easter holiday weekend. I hope you had a wonderful Easter. ENJOY!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Canola Fields of Northern Tennessee

Say 'hello' to the Canola flower. A bouquet of beautiful, bright yellow flowers with a plethora of Canola seeds situated smack dab in the middle of the petals.

Welcome to the farms of Northern Tennessee where the Canola seed is one of the main crops grown here. Within a few short miles of Interstate 65, just across the state line from Kentucky, there are multiple farms with large fields of Canola blooming. Each Spring in mid to late April, the fields come alive with color. The brightest, most beautiful sunny color one could possibly imagine paints the landscape.

While the farmers own the land and farm the fields here, the Canola fields seem to dominant in Spring while in full bloom. On one rural road, I encountered several old dilapidated barns with Canola fields nearby. These old barns seem to come alive with the bright yellow Canola fields as a backdrop.

It is a breathtakingly beautiful area to drive on a Saturday afternoon. One added benefit, there is virtually no one on these country roads, with the possible exception of a farm tractor or a farmer heading to town. So if you are in the vicinity, plan a stop. You'll leave with a bright sunny smile on your face. You won't be able to help it. ENJOY!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

San Francisco Skyline

Plying the waters of San Francisco Bay, our dinner cruise ship, the San Francisco Belle, finally pulled away from the Port of San Francisco. The sun was coming down on this day as I captured this image of Coit Tower sitting high up on a hill.

Night descended onto the city as our boat crossed San Francisco Bay headed to the Golden Gate Bridge, I captured several images of the city's skyline bathed in various degrees of blue light.

One of the last images before night engulfed the skyline. I hope you enjoyed these images of the San Francisco skyline as night fell on the city. ENJOY!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Foggy Golden Gate Bridge

Atop Cityscape, a rooftop bar situated on the 46th floor of the Hilton Hotel Union Square, I discovered countless views of the beautiful city of San Francisco, both North to South and East to West. The City by the Bay, on this late afternoon, was shrouded in a thin layer of fog. Far off into the distance I searched, until finally I laid my eyes on two distinct, and infamous columns, that if one is truly lucky, will permeate the fog in defiance. There was the Golden Gate Bridge standing tall and bidding me to capture her in all her beauty. I chose a black and white photo as it offers more detail. This trip was for business with scarce little time for anything else, but I managed to capture a few images on the dinner cruise and up on the rooftop bar. I hope you like this shot as I felt it told my story well. ENJOY!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk

Late dusk gave way to the Golden Gate Bridge, bathed in varying hues from a deep blue to a near midnight blue while a bright crescent Moon shone overhead. The twinkling lights of the bridge, and the cars as they crossed the bridge, dot the landscape. I stood on the San Francisco Belle, an historic steamboat, while a sharp wind cut through my jacket, knowing full well as the boat plied the choppy waters of San Francisco Bay, that the chances of any of my images being sharp were slim to none, but still I hoped for the best. I will let you guys be the judge. The varying hues of blues in this image were too beautiful not to post. On my business trip to the 'City by the Bay' this week I had little time for pleasure, but did manage to capture a few images on a dinner cruise. I also took a few photos atop the Cityscape, a rooftop restaurant at the Hilton Hotel Union Square, where gorgeous views of the bay could be seen for miles and miles. I will be back with a few of those images soon. And no, this is not an April Fool's joke. ENJOY!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nesting Cormorants

Yesterday's weather was nothing short of windy at Old Hickory Lake. I stood on one side of the peninsula that guts out into the lake in order to capture this image of the Cormorants' nesting. There were only one or two of the normal twenty or more Great Blue Herons in their nests as the wind was so bad, I doubt their weight coupled with that of their nests would have been comfortable. However, Cormorants are a much lighter bird and most chose to stay in the nest, while others flew in and out. Have a wonderful Sunday. ENJOY!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Beauty of Spring

While the Northeast is in the throws of a major snowstorm, with a second one promptly on its heels, I wanted to post an image representative of Spring. Winter's last hooray will soon be gone, but not before the misery of it. Yet, as I think of it, I almost wished it would snow here in Tennessee as it harbors such a beautiful landscape. I would require at least 6 inches to sufficiently blanket the ground for days to come and leave vignettes of soft fluffiness here and there throughout the lawns and woodlands. There has been virtually no snow here this Winter. We did get a sprinkling this weekend, but it was further South from me. I have visions of Fir trees blanketed with snow, branches hanging heavy toward the ground, and park benches aptly covered in a thick glistening layer of white, as though the snow needed a respite before it fell to the ground. These last snows of Winter will soon be gone leaving behind a landscape of pinks and yellows and lavenders with flowers budding and blooms bursting forth. Good bye my Winter, hello dearest Spring. ENJOY!