Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sailing on the Lake

This beautiful sailboat was plying the waters on Percy Priest a while back. I had to snap a few images as I am an avid sailboat lover. I've only ever been on a sailboat twice in my life. Once in the Atlantic Ocean and once in the Gulf of Mexico. The Atlantic was on a sunset cruise out of Key West many years ago. The second was the Gulf of Mexico while visiting relatives. A strong storm came up between us and the dock. Thirty foot swells overtook us. I headed for the galley to minimize the rocking of the boat up top. Both experiences were ones I'll never forget. Not many sailboats sail on Old Hickory Lake. However, Percy Priest has a marina called Hamilton Marina which has a separate area for nothing but sailboats. So you can find the sailboats out on the water at Percy Priest often. I wouldn't trade Old Hickory Lake for anything. Living on the lake makes life so much more enjoyable. Perhaps it's the different scenes you take in as day turns into night. There's never a dull moment on the lake. And you never know what will fly in and stay awhile. Have a wonderful night. A holiday weekend is approaching. I love three day weekends. Gives you time to slow down a tad more than on a typical weekend. Back soon. ENJOY!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Great Blue Heron, Old Hickory Lake

I captured this image last year on a beautiful, sunny day on the small peninsula where the Heron Rookery sits along Old Hickory Lake. I haven't visited the Rookery this year as the land it was setting on was sold and an absolutely humongous house is being built on the property. I had permission from the old owners to frequent the Rookery, but I will need to gain permission from the new owners. Perhaps in the Summer or Fall I'll be able to do that. Right now the house is under construction. I loved this image as it was the perfect profile shot of the Heron. I hope your weekend is going well. Weekends seem to fly by these days. Very hot day and storms tonight here. Perhaps tomorrow it will be a tad cooler. ENJOY!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Boblink, Life Bird #2, Duck River Unit

The Duck River Unit of the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge is a huge haven for birds who love grasslands, reeds and endless fields of wildflowers. Yesterday, I captured this beauty along the side of the road where the grasses were a tad taller. As I neared him, he would fly off obviously. He was accompanied by four or five other Bobolinks. This is a second life bird in one day for me!

Sorry for the very cropped image and horrific background, but I had to share as this Bobolink's markings are so unique. A yellow backed head and white wings. I read Bobolinks breed in the north central and north east areas of the United States. They migrate to the Southern states. The Duck River Unit would be a perfect habitat for them to breed. No doubt why they chose to stop over here. When I can't identify a bird in the field, I snap images and crop tightly in my software to identify them. This was the only descent image worth posting and I only post it as it's a life bird. I couldn't help myself. My bird life list is growing. It's a scorcher today if you are in the Midwest and especially the South in the States, so hydrate. ENJOY!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Dickcissel, Duck River, TN National Wildlife Refuge

Say hello to the Dickcissel. He is a life bird for me. I hadn't anticipated finding a new species today on my visit to the wildlife refuge. I visited the Duck River Unit of the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge today. This little bird kept flying from stalk to stalk. When he got close enough, I stopped to snap these images. All the while I sat and snapped away he sang to me a beautiful song.

Dickcissels migrate from the Deep South north and and generally breed in the Midwest. With the many grasslands in the Duck River Unit, I venture to guess this little fella could make this his home. Many of the roads were closed for the season, in late 2016 when I last visited here, but they were open today, so I was able to drive deep into the refuge.

I encountered many species of birds today including Great Blue Herons, Great White Egrets and Cormorants. I'm fairly certain I even caught a glimpse of a Yellow Headed Blackbird before he flew away.

We are in the throws of a heat wave here in Tennessee and the South. The next three days will be sweltering and will no doubt reach the 90's. I had planned to travel to Gibbs Gardens this weekend in northern Georgia. I opted out of that trip as the heat wave isn't conducive for walking two or three hours in the hot sun taking in the gardens. Perhaps it will cool off in a few weeks and I can get there. Stay cool out there. ENJOY!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Horsing Around

Get outdoors! It has finally warmed up and the clouds have parted. There's rain scheduled this week, but in between the clouds. Thank goodness, we are seeing sun more than rain, finally. ENJOY!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

A Tribute to The Kentucky Derby

Memories. Something I will always have of the many Derby Week festivities and preamble leading up to the Kentucky Derby. I gathered a few of the many, many words and phrases one would hear as they made it through the busy Derby week festivities should you live in Louisville. My love of this day lives on.

Thunder Over Louisville, The Great Balloon Race, The Great Steamboat Race, The Pegasus Parade, The Kentucky Oaks
The Kentucky Derby, Run for the Roses, Derby Day, First Jewel of the Triple Crown, First Saturday in May
Churchill Downs, The Twin Spires, Millionaires Row, The Club House, The Paddock, The Infield, The Backside, The Track 
The Fast Track, The Wet Track, The Longest Mile and a Quarter in Horse Racing
The Owner, The Trainer, The Jockeys, The Racing Silks, The Whip
The Thoroughbreds, The Field, The Favorite, The Long Shot, The Mudder
The Kentucky Derby Trophy, 554 Red Roses, The Blanket of Roses
My Old Kentucky Home, Mint Juleps, Kentucky Ham, Kentucky Bourbon, Derby Pie
The Betting Window, The Racing Form, The Odds, The Odds on Favorite, The Winning Ticket
The Barnstable Brown Party, The Derby Parties, The Derby Ball
The Derby Hats and Fascinators, The Stiletto Shoes, The Gents In Suits and Hats, The Limos
The Official Start of the Kentucky Derby, The Bugle, The Call to the Track
Riders Up, The Playing of My Old Kentucky Home, The Walk to the Gates, They're In
They're Off, Coming from Behind, On the Rail, They're Rounding the Bend, In Second Place
The Winner of the Kentucky Derby! 

The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports!!