Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nesting Cormorants

Yesterday's weather was nothing short of windy at Old Hickory Lake. I stood on one side of the peninsula that guts out into the lake in order to capture this image of the Cormorants' nesting. There were only one or two of the normal twenty or more Great Blue Herons in their nests as the wind was so bad, I doubt their weight coupled with that of their nests would have been comfortable. However, Cormorants are a much lighter bird and most chose to stay in the nest, while others flew in and out. Have a wonderful Sunday. ENJOY!


  1. Lovely, and two sitting, curious, and one surveying all below.

  2. I often wonder how the birds feel when nesting and it is so windy...

  3. Great photo of the nests and birds! Glad you didn't blow away. It's been windy here, too.