Saturday, April 1, 2017

Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk

Late dusk gave way to the Golden Gate Bridge, bathed in varying hues from a deep blue to a near midnight blue while a bright crescent Moon shone overhead. The twinkling lights of the bridge, and the cars as they crossed the bridge, dot the landscape. I stood on the San Francisco Belle, an historic steamboat, while a sharp wind cut through my jacket, knowing full well as the boat plied the choppy waters of San Francisco Bay, that the chances of any of my images being sharp were slim to none, but still I hoped for the best. I will let you guys be the judge. The varying hues of blues in this image were too beautiful not to post. On my business trip to the 'City by the Bay' this week I had little time for pleasure, but did manage to capture a few images on a dinner cruise. I also took a few photos atop the Cityscape, a rooftop restaurant at the Hilton Hotel Union Square, where gorgeous views of the bay could be seen for miles and miles. I will be back with a few of those images soon. And no, this is not an April Fool's joke. ENJOY!


  1. I think you did quite well.

  2. The crescent moon to show the way, and twinkling lights, truly beautiful.

  3. You were in San Fran - one of my favorite cities! I have often taken shots by boat on the bay - not easy in the choppy waters. I like the ambiance of your night shot. Hope you're enjoying spring, Carol. Still snowing in Breck.