Monday, March 13, 2017

Beauty of Spring

While the Northeast is in the throws of a major snowstorm, with a second one promptly on its heels, I wanted to post an image representative of Spring. Winter's last hooray will soon be gone, but not before the misery of it. Yet, as I think of it, I almost wished it would snow here in Tennessee as it harbors such a beautiful landscape. I would require at least 6 inches to sufficiently blanket the ground for days to come and leave vignettes of soft fluffiness here and there throughout the lawns and woodlands. There has been virtually no snow here this Winter. We did get a sprinkling this weekend, but it was further South from me. I have visions of Fir trees blanketed with snow, branches hanging heavy toward the ground, and park benches aptly covered in a thick glistening layer of white, as though the snow needed a respite before it fell to the ground. These last snows of Winter will soon be gone leaving behind a landscape of pinks and yellows and lavenders with flowers budding and blooms bursting forth. Good bye my Winter, hello dearest Spring. ENJOY!


  1. Today, your words are a delight to read. and I can feel your longing for that snow. I read about an hour ago that the Finger Lakes area will be severely hit,Your blossoms ,is that a Magnolia bloom? Beautiful.

    1. Yes it is a Japanese Magnolia bloom. They are so gorgeous. Carol

  2. geweldig mooi wat zal dat ook heerlijk ruiken.

  3. stop teasing me Carol. this is a gorgeous image.

  4. Beautiful spring picture!!! Love this pure blossom! You are more than welcome dear spring:)

  5. Hello, beautiful spring blossoms! Have a happy weekend!

  6. Those are gorgeous.