Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Manor House, Gibbs Gardens

With late afternoon approaching, I traveled via shuttle to the Manor House, James Gibbs personal residence, to visit the Koi Pond at Gibbs Gardens. The house itself sits high up on a hill overlooking the Georgia mountains. Limestone steps lead up to the house with Elephant Ears and other ground cover growing in abundance around the trees.

The Koi Pond was situated adjacent to the Manor House with sculptures surrounding it, not to mention a beautiful limestone wall with a waterfall that spilled over into the pond. I read that 20 to 30 year old plants and trees were planted around the Manor House when it was built to add instant age and character. Amazing.

What I did see of the Manor House was beautiful with huge windows spanning almost the entire front of house. Just outside the front door was a huge veranda overlooking the hillside. Would you believe there's a veranda behind all the bushes in this image. Rocking chairs sat idly waiting for visitors to use. What a host to allow his own veranda to be used by visitors.

Earlier in the day, attendants had mentioned a large Rose Arbor off the Manor House, so off I went down the hill in search of it. Sure enough there it was with benches sitting along the walkway and sculptures along the parameter. Flowers were blooming everywhere with Bees and Butterflies buzzing. The Arbor was beautiful with its vines draped off of it.

To capture an image of the length of the Arbor I walked down the hillside on the lawn. By this time the light was absolutely awful, but I persevered. To see such a mansion up close surrounded by a beautiful pond and gorgeous gardens was a treat. Every bit of it was stunning. I hope you enjoyed this walk with me. ENJOY!

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  1. Arbors always attract me. This one is beautiful! Such gorgeous plantings around it. I think what I need is a full-time gardener (and someone to bring me a drink on the veranda)!