Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monet's Bridge at Giverny

In the Waterlily Gardens at Gibbs Gardens' in Ball Ground, Georgia, sits an exact replica of Monet's Bridge at Giverny. You know the one. That famous bridge he painted in watercolor and no doubt hundreds, if not thousands, of copies have been made.

How does one do justice in an attempt to photograph such beauty. After several exposures in one setting, I moved about the pond attempting to take different perspectives. Yet as I culled through my archive, I realized my initial perspective was the best. I especially like the tree in the far left background. I also like the hint of Fall in the tree behind the bridge. It added just the right depth and dimension.

James Gibbs, the architect of this beautiful landscape, delighted in the original Monet's Bridge in the Gardens at Giverny that he decided to replicate it in his own gardens. The bridge, with its steel beams, rails and arbor, was measured and reproduced with the same radius. The island was built over the pond to support the span of the bridge. Gibbs also chose Monet's same color choice. The bridge's Wisteria vines drape over the side of the arbors casting dramatic shadows on the water throughout the day. What a setting and such a peaceful one. I hope you enjoyed my perspective. ENJOY!

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  1. Beautiful, you could be there all day and see something different in the reflections.

  2. Beautiful pocture, but it's not quite an exact replica - it doesn't have 30 people all being photographed while on the bridge, and others jostling for their turn!