Wednesday, September 28, 2016

European White Waterlily

The star of the show. That is the only way I could describe this beautiful European White Waterlily as it sat afloat on the pond's surface with it's huge green Lily pads surrounding it. The reflection in the water was almost as beautiful as the Lily itself. Amazingly, every photographer around was at some point standing post with their tripod near the water's edge capturing image after image. Hence, the 'star' of the show.

I don't know what my favorite Waterlily would be should I choose one from all of the images I captured on my journey to Gibbs Gardens. There were such gorgeous varieties everywhere. The blues and purples, however, were the most stunning. Warm colors always are, don't you agree. On another note this weekend is supposed to be stellar and I have decided to plan a trek to Cheekwood to take in their Mums display. The word on the street is they have a cottage made out of pumpkins and I surely must photograph it, not to mention the S

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  1. That Lily is definitely a star! Hope you got to see both the mums and the pumpkins this weekend.