Monday, April 11, 2016

Nests, Heron Rookery

On the day I captured these images weeks ago, this Heron Rookery was busy with male Herons flying in carrying twigs and flying out to forage for more nest building materials. I experienced this up close and personal and felt privileged to be a witness to it all. There was only one Heron sitting in one of the nests. Her nest may have been complete and she was incubating her eggs or perhaps she was just resting waiting for the male to return with more twigs. Below is a bit of detail regarding Heron Nest Building you might like to read.

NEST PLACEMENT. Great Blue Herons nest mainly in trees, on the ground, on bushes and even in duck blinds. Males arrive at the colony and settle on nest sites to begin courting passing females. NEST BUILDING. Male Great Blue Herons collect the nest material gathering sticks from the ground and presenting them to the female. The female weaves a platform and a saucer-shaped nest cup, lining it with pine needles, moss, reeds, dry grass, or small twigs. Nest building takes 3 days to 2 weeks. Finished, the nest can range from 20 inches to more elaborate structures reaching 4 feet across.

Old Hickory Lake is the perfect place for bird rookeries with lots of coves and inlets situated throughout it and low lying areas with dead tree branches sticking up out of the water making for the perfect perch to forage for fish.

The weather across the Midwest and South today looks to be wet and stormy and possibly some hail in certain areas. I have noticed since moving north of my original Hermitage location that Hendersonville gets less severe storms. I'm wondering if it has to do with the Cumberland River which I am now north of instead of south of. Tomorrow is looking to be a better day for some sunshine and warm temps. ENJOY!

UPDATE: My sister, Linda, called yesterday. I was speechless, as I heard her voice. In my last post I mentioned she suffered a trauma. She fell down a flight of steps, 15 deep, while on vacation in Florida. She sounded like her old usual self yesterday, but I know better. She has a long, long grueling recovery ahead of her as she mentioned to me. She has several fractures in her neck and two in her back, not to mention a bad concussion and possibly a hand injury. I can only hope and pray for her recovery. So again I ask will you keep her in your prayers as I am. Get well Linda!


  1. Super heron photos, but good news of Linda.I know with care and love sent from all over, her progress will be positive and good.

  2. They do build amazing structures to bring up their offspring.

    Sending our best wishes for Linda's positive recovery.

  3. Such bad news about your sister, Carol. In an instant our lives can change. Your rookery photos are awesome.