Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lanceleaf Spring Beauty

Every now and then I come across a wildflower that I am not very familiar with. In this case, it was this little beauty. As it turns out that is its name, Spring Beauty or Lanceleaf Spring Beauty. It's Western North American cousin is called Western Spring Beauty.

This dainty little wildflower grows very early in Spring sprouting up through the soil from last Fall's leftovers. In this case, it had peeked up through the grass on the lawn near the water's edge of Old Hickory Lake. I noticed it as I stood capturing images of the Heron Rookery. It really doesn't matter to me what color, shape or size, I am a wildflower lover. I took a few days break from work and am out and about. Perhaps I will take some new images to show you. Back soon. ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful against the misty background. Enjoy your days off.

  2. What a fabulous shot you got. I keep my eyes peeled for Spring Beauties in the forest in the end of May, beginning of June.