Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring Mating

Standing a good distance away from the Heron Rookery yesterday, I couldn't quite make out a bird sitting on a nest high up in the tree. My binoculars were on the fritz which didn't help either. I did see several Great Blue Herons in various nests. And to my surprise, I saw one pair of Great White Egrets. I had only seen one or two Egrets so far this year and very intermittently. Now I know why. They have been busy breeding and now obviously were in the middle of a remodeling project.

When I finally dropped these images into my software, I discovered the illusive bird or birds, in this case, were a pair of Black Crowned Night Herons sitting on the nest. I wasn't sure where this species normally built their nests. I also wasn't sure if they nested near Great Blue Herons or Great White Egrets. Mystery solved. I believe this pair of smaller Herons set up shop in the past week as there was no evidence of them on my last visit. There also weren't any Egrets present. Busy rookery to say the least. Mating, breeding, nest building. Amazing.

It was simply a gorgeous day today, albeit the temps were in the high 70's, Thankfully, the humidity hasn't found its way to Tennessee as yet. A nice breeze was blowing. The sky was blue with the occasional white fluffy cloud. Great weather and beautiful birds busy with the task at hand. I can only hope when a few of these fledglings are ready to leave the nest, I can capture a few images. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We have two full days of sunshine and warm temperatures ahead. Finally, a weekend with absolutely no rain. Miracles never cease. ENJOY!


  1. Love seeing your blue sky and nesting birds. Enjoy an amazing weekend, Carol. Snowing and blowing here!

  2. A wonderful capture Carol. And so nice to see the leaves on the trees. It will be in the upper 40's here today and we won't see leaves until next month. Enjoy!

  3. Beautiful focus, and what a find. Enjoy your weekend, we have cool mornings, the fire is lit, coffee nearby, all is well in the garden. 8C outside, so another warm day coming up. Hope yours is as fine as ours will be.

  4. How fun! I spent a little time with a couple of juveniles and an adult Black-crowned Night Herons yesterday down at the marine in Clearwater yesterday.