Sunday, January 10, 2016

Black Crowned Night Heron

Off of Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville sits a tributary called Drakes Creek which runs north toward Kentucky. This particular creek is very wide. It follows a road I sometimes frequent when running errands as was the task today. I stopped along the creek road to check out the wildlife only to discover on the opposite bank of the creek a Black Crowned Night Heron. This is a Life List Bird for me. I have seen countless images of this bird but had never seen one before. Turns out there were three Black Crowned Night Herons about three feet apart from each other standing on the side of the opposite bank and they appeared very busy fishing.

This is the best image I have of the few I captured. This particular species appears so similar to the Great Blue Heron. The Audubon website described the Black Crowned Night Heron as 'these chunky herons which seem dull and lethargic, usually in groups sitting hunched and motionless in trees near water.' As I sat in my car snapping a few images, I saw a flash of blue fly by. I followed the bird to a branch far off and after a look through the binoculars, a Belted Kingfisher. I was so excited, but before I could think to grab my camera he flew off back the other direction far away. I would love to get a closer look at this particular species. I think when it's warmer I will take a walk along Drakes Creek. It's official, I think I'm actually feeling back to normal after nearly a week of being under the weather. I hope your first week was a good one. Winter has finally made its way to Tennessee. This morning was 16 degrees. I hate to say it, but I enjoyed the warm December we had. ENJOY!

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  1. That is a squat little heron! Glad to hear you're feeling better. Your temp today is the same as ours. Welcome to winter!