Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pair of Great White Egrets

All along Old Hickory Lake which is part of the Cumberland River that runs through downtown Nashville and northeast to Hendersonville and Gallatin, there are many small tributaries where you can view the many species of waterfowl that make this lake their home. There are also many species who migrate through on their way North or South during Spring and Fall.

It was mid May and as I was on my way home for the day, I spotted quite a few Great White Egrets gathered in one of the backwater tributaries of Old Hickory Lake situated next to the main road. It was late day and harsh light, but I got out of my car and stood and counted 26 Great White Egrets in that one area. It was an amazing sight. My 300 mm just couldn't get close enough to get the images I had hoped for, but I wanted to share one of the images with you. I have been way under the weather since New Year's Day, but wanted to share this first image of the New Year with you. ENJOY!


  1. hope that weather lifts and you feel so much better soon.Lovely egrets. Take care, and all good wishes for speedy recovery from whatever lurgy is lingering.

  2. I've heard of so many people who have been sick since the New Year. Hope you feel better soon. I can't believe all those egets!