Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Using Adobe Lightroom

When you are in love with the many petals that make up a Water Lily as I am, you envision each one in intricate detail. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to capture such detail on a bright sunny day. Here is where my Adobe Lightroom enters the picture. No pun intended. I purchased Lightroom just before Adobe converted to their fee program. I wanted access to Lightroom without paying a monthly fee for the rest of my life. I am so glad I bought it then. I seldom use it, however, it was perfect for achieving the detail I wanted in this image. I use Picasa to lighten or darken images, and occasionally I tweak the highlights. I always use it to crop and sharpen all of my images. But when I use Lightroom, it is strictly to do a tad more work. I can't say I achieved exactly what I was hoping for with this image, but I did come close.

Before I leave you today, I think it bears mentioning that I have grown thoroughly sick of the weather here in Nashville. It has rained most of the past three weeks. They say, they being the meteorologists here in Nashville, that it will be sunny tomorrow. Tomorrow, just one day, seriously. There must be some rule that states in Winter months you are not allowed more than a day of sunshine at a time. Hence, Winter's dreary days have come and I believe to stay. Dare I say it here. There are only 25 days left until Christmas. Where does the time go. ENJOY!


  1. beautiful, and whatever you used in Lightroom worked a trick or two.

  2. Gosh, I had no idea that it rained so much in Nashville. When I was there, many, many years ago, it snowed and THAT was a real disaster! I love the detail on your lily. I use lightroom all the time.