Thursday, August 20, 2015

Crimson Phalaenopsis

There are so many gorgeous Phalaenopses blooming at Opryland Hotel that there were almost too many to photograph. But I tried!

This beautiful deep crimson Phaelaenopsis had to be one of my favorites. There was only the one that I noticed in the Cascades Canopy, but one was all it took.

It has been a very busy two weeks. I am on deadline with the magazine and readying myself for a trip back home to Louisville this weekend to attend a wedding. I haven't been home in almost six months. I am anxious to see my two sisters and their families. And seriously, aren't weddings fun. Especially when all one has to do is show up looking all scrubbed and coufed. Perhaps I will capture a few wedding images to share. And if all goes as planned I want to make a stop on the way back to Nashville at Bernheim. ENJOY!


  1. Enjoy the catch up and specially the wedding. go get yourself all dolled up, and wow them. Some favourite places to visit, have a safe drive, calm weather, and great food. Hugs as you depart for a trip ... I almost wrote... Home!!! Maybe better to write..... to see your family.

  2. Hope you're enjoying your trip, Carol. I love the color of this Phalaenopsis.