Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dog Days, Bernheim Arboretum

Summer is winding down here in Mid America. Already there is a chill in the air at night. As I headed out of Louisville this past weekend, I stopped for a brief visit at Bernheim.

Many of Summer's blooms have already waned, but there were still a few flowers hanging on all around the Pavilion. Bumble Bees were swarming a long row of bushes along the walkway leading away from the Pavilion. Supposedly, this is the Seven Son flower. I don't remember seeing it in bloom in Summers' past. The Bumble Bees were all over the blooms like maniacs.

My niece's wedding went off without a hitch. The newlyweds are in Jamaica this week on their Honeymoon. Fortunately, Hurricane Danny hasn't posed a threat. And I don't believe the hurricane that's tracking right behind Danny will either as it seems to be taking the same path as Danny and will no doubt head up the Eastern seaboard. Hope you are having a great week. It's been in the mid eighties here in Nashville this week with very low humidity and I am so very, very grateful. I'm also off deadline and hoping to get out later this week and take a few more images. ENJOY!


  1. Hi Carol, I'm sorry I haven't visited lately - been running the roads too much. These flowers sure are a gorgeous blue colour. It will be cooling off here the next few days. It's been near 90 and high humidity for almost 2 weeks which is not normal for us but I've loved every minute of it.