Sunday, July 19, 2015

Maximilian Sunflower, Bison Meadow

In the middle of a suburban neighborhood just south of Nashville, sits a two and a half acre plot of land known as The Bison Meadow. This meadow was set aside and preserved for its historical importance by a Tennessee Bicentennial Project back in 1994. The Bison Meadow is a terminal branch of the Old Natchez Trace. This 'old Indian path' was followed not only by Indians and pioneers, but also by buffalo, elk and other large animals who crossed through on their way to a salt lick near the Cumberland River.

The meadow has a variety of tall grasses, shrubs and a much wider variety of wildflowers that grow throughout the year. There is a path carved through the meadow. However, I only managed about a ten minute walk on it before I surrendered to my car. The heat index is unbearable. I did snap several images, one of which was of this Maximilian Sunflower. The Maximilian Sunflowers were plentiful throughout the entire meadow and were growing at heights of at least ten feet or higher. I cannot wait for the heat to break so I can spend more time outdoors. I hope your weather is better wherever you are. I have thought often of the Chattanooga terrorism victims who lost their lives this past week, as well as their families. Chattanooga is a little over a hundred miles south of Nashville. The terrorist worked in Franklin which is a town just south of Nashville and one I often frequent. God can only make sense of these terrorist attacks. I know I cannot. ENJOY!

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  1. Lovely sunflower image! My prayer go out to the families of the Chattanooga victims. Happy Monday,wishing you a great week ahead!