Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Forgotten Fences

Walking among the wildflowers in the cedar glade, I turned to discover this old fence post standing alone off in the distance and wondered just what purpose it had served in another lifetime.

A few of the species I identified from my walk in Couchville Cedar Glade included Yellow Coneflowers, Tennessee Coneflowers, Daisy Fleabane and Roseroot, as well as many others. ENJOY!


  1. looking at the wire strainers on the right hand post, was there a wind break there? Or fruit trees? a hitching post for a horse or two? I think it is barbed wire, so maybe at one time taller, to keep animals in or out? Do you have deer? elk? Moose? or anything taller than a cow? Lovely photo.

  2. I always enjoy a walk in the country and seeing the wildflowers and fences too. This is a cozy corner fence with the coneflowers nearby. Have a great week.

  3. Yes, I feel the same way when I come upon old mining ruins. It transports you back in time.