Sunday, February 15, 2015

Percy Priest Lake

A mere hop, skip and a jump from my apartment in Nashville sits Percy Priest Dam. The dam is situated between mile six and seven of the Stones River. The reservoir and lake is so large it is situated within three counties in eastern Nashville. There are parks and wildlife management areas all up and down the reservoir and lake in all three counties. It's a pretty impressive area.

Today I drove over to the opposite side of the dam to Percy Priest Lake. Before you cross in front of the dam, you can park and look out over the lake to the south. This small island is Hermitage Island and couldn't be any bigger than a quarter acre all told. A few days prior I had taken a short road to the back side of the dam to watch the birds feeding. I want to go back there when its sunny and warmer.

Off to the left of Hermitage Island, the shoreline was busy with Gulls. I noticed a Northern Shoveler fishing for a meal in the water off shore.

Once you drive the road crossing in front of the dam there's a parking lot to the left. I pulled in and stopped to take a few images of the Sea Gulls there. I knew this was the last I would probably see of the sun today as a Winter storm is making its way into Nashville. We are expecting several inches of snow and possibly freezing rain.

I really can't complain about this Winter in Kentucky or Tennessee because we have had virtually no snow, but for two quickie storms that dropped a few inches, and just like that the snow was melted and gone. I am, however, ready for Spring to show itself. I promise to post more images of a state park I visited today later in the week. ENJOY!

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  1. Yes, a very impressive area Carol. I've no doubt it will provide plenty of photo opportunities for you throughout the coming seasons.

  2. More photos to come, this is beautiful, specially the last one, the depth of colour, waves lapping, birds waiting, and grey stones? Did I ever mention our home here is called " Graestone" a variation on the spelling as my Mum's name was Grace but Dad often called her "Grae" so those stones have a special meaning down here for me today. Hugs to you.

  3. Gorgeous lake and those gulls seems to be enjoying themselves. We've had about the same type of winter here but I'm ready for spring too.

  4. Beautiful area... Pretty photos! Keep them coming!! Smiles...Susan

  5. You're exploring and already finding beauty, Carol. I saw on the news that the south was getting a snow storm. Drive carefully!

  6. That tiny island looks like a fine spot to visit and I enjoyed seeing the beautiful blue water scenes!