Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, Long Hunter State Park

On Sunday I took a drive before the clouds and storm began to move in from the northwest. One of the places I paid a visit to briefly was Long Hunter State Park, about ten miles south of Percy Priest Dam. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are quite a few recreational areas, wildlife management areas and parks that are situated all up and down Percy Priest Lake.

Looking back across the lake in Long Hunter State Park, the shore reminded me a little of the shoreline in Acadia National Park. While not nearly as beautiful as Acadia, it was still a nice view. It was also the last of the sun I saw that day as the clouds moved in.

As I proceeded to get back in my car to leave the park, I stopped to watch a Cardinal sitting on a branch brightening up the landscape with his beautiful red feathers. But something else caught my eye near to the Cardinal. A Yellow Bellied Sapsucker was flitting all about the branches looking for sap dripping from the holes he had drilled earlier. I don't know how long it takes for sap to drip out at a good drip, but I am positive this woodpecker knows.

By the way, this is a life list bird for me. I had never seen a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker before. I had to look him up to confirm his identify. He hung out for a bit before heading deeper into the trees out of my view.

This week in Tennessee, including Nashville, we are in a State of Emergency. I had not been out on the streets since Sunday. Monday the ice storm dropped a half inch or more of ice on all of the outdoor surfaces. All day long it rained ice pellets. I cleaned my car of all of the ice yesterday late. Then last night it snowed an inch. I knew it was going to snow which is why I cleaned the ice off my car yesterday late. Today by the time I ventured out to the market the sun had melted most of the snow off of my car thankfully, not to mention the black ice on the roads. I went to the grocery and came right back home.

I am not willing to be out long as temps are falling all day today to reach below zero tonight which will refreeze all of the water on the roads. First ice, then snow and now bitter bitter cold. Not making for a productive week, and more ice and snow is predicted for Friday. I can't complain, however, as I am reminded by the new reports out of Boston of their 100 inches of snow. I should be grateful this week is probably the worst of Winter I will experience. I pray wherever you are, stay safe, warm and take care. ENJOY!


  1. You got some great photos of the yellow bellied sapsucker, Carol. I've never seen one. Your weather sounds really nasty there. I don't like ice or freezing rain and so far this winter we've been spared it. We just got lots of snow instead. Take care! Pam

  2. It has been a long time since I've seen a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Nicely done.

    Ice is no fun in Tennessee or in New England. But I have to chuckle, I've never see so much snow in my life. We have run out of places to put it.

  3. Lovely shots of the birds.