Monday, January 26, 2015

Oh Kentucky!

As I sit and write this post, I am officially a Tennessean, a resident of the Volunteer State. It bears mentioning here that I will miss my Bernheim Arboretum with its gorgeous bushes, trees, lakes and drives. And the Bluegrass Region which was right out my back door with only a 40 minute drive and Cave Hill Cemetery with its gorgeous landscapes and ponds, and on and on I could go.

Yet, here I am in a whole new environment with countless possibilities. There are many a river and lake around me literally. Just down the road is Percy Pierce Dam and the lake, and north of me is Old Hickory Lake and then there's the Stones River and the Cumberland River. Did I mention quite a few wildlife refuges in the midst of middle Tennessee. And that Great Smoky Mountains National Park is an hour closer to me now.

As I settle in and attempt to stand in the middle of my kitchen trying to determine which drawer or cabinet I put this in and that in, I write this note to all of my faithful friends and tell you there are new images on the horizon. That I am sure. And so I leave you with this image of a Mallard Duck floating aimlessly on the lake at Cave Hill back in late Fall. Dare I mention as I was moving my life, boxes and furniture all on Saturday, I did so in the midst of a gorgeous overnight snowfall in Louisville with every twig, branch, bush and lawn totally covered in beautiful fluffy white snow. Sadly, there was no time to stop and snap an image. However, I truly believe God blessed me with that scene as a reminder that wherever I may travel, I will always find beauty in the landscape. ENJOY!


  1. this, to me, is the best of your best, and a reminder that wherever we are, beauty is there. Will you escape the huge snowfall predicted? I saw Jack Tame, our New Zealand TV correspondent, in New York this morning, and he said they are predicting about 1 metre to fall, supermarkets crowded out for emergency supplies, so please stay safe on the roads, and I send all wishes for your new home to be filled with happiness and sunshine. Hugs,Jean.

  2. This is a beautiful photo of the Mallard. I'm so happy that you made your move safely and are ready to start this new chapter in your life with enthusiasm. Blessings to you! I know there will be lots of beauty to discover in your new state. Hugs.

  3. beautiful mallard image. I know there will be many more. I'm excited for you.

  4. I do hope you find yourself with lots to photograph in the landscapes around your new home. Looking forward to more beautiful pictures.

  5. Welcome to Nashville! Even though I live 100 miles away, I feel like I should greet you. Hope the move went well, and I hope you enjoy your new place, work, life!