Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bluejay in Winter

My most recent visit to Bernheim shortly after the New Year would be my last before making my departure to the south. A chilly day with little, if any sunshine, would keep most visitors away, but not me. In this setting I have come to learn that there is a quiet peacefulness that envelopes you as you walk the paths throughout the Arboretum during the Winter months. As I drove the main road around the prairie and the Arboretum, I stopped to capture an image of a beautiful Bluejay sitting on a branch surveying his landscape.

Sharing this image today was important to me for several reasons. It is a dreary, rainy Sunday here in Tennessee, yet I am already feeling more at home here, not to mention anxious to get out and take some new images. However, that will have to wait til next weekend perhaps when the weather is a bit more cooperative.

I take comfort in having my furniture and personal belongings close at hand to help me feel more at home here. And already I have had several fires in my fireplace. When the apartment I chose to move into came with a fireplace, it definitely sealed the deal. I love feeling the warmth of a wood burning fire in the fireplace on a cold Winter's night. I hope wherever you are you are staying safe and warm, as we have had our share of snowstorms, and are on our third storm in a week's time here in the States. I chose to add some warmth to this image as the warmth of the sun was missing on that particular day and I like the feel of it. ENJOY!

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  1. Carol, that is a stunning photo of the bluejay. I'm glad it posed for you as they don't sit still very long. I'm happy that you are settled in and have a nice and cozy apartment with a fireplace! That's luxury. : ) We got through the 3rd snowstorm in the past week and another is coming tomorrow. I wish you a blessed week ahead. Pam

  2. Your Bluejay is a bright spot, and to have your own books, photos, wall hangings is good, but a fire for comfort is the best. I hope we get to see some of your new surroundings soon. meantime, big hugs from down here, and did I say this before... Happy New Year. XX Jean.

  3. Wow - that is a fabulous shot.

  4. Can't believe that Jay was "posing" for you, Carol. I'm glad you are surrounded by your favorite things while enjoying some new comforts. I hope you'll be out and about with the camera soon. It's snowing hard in Breckenridge this AM - I'm going out on the touring skis soon. I have a fire in the fireplace, too!

  5. Carol, that is a fabulous image and great reminder of all your magical moments captured at Bernheim. I'm delighted to hear that you have safely settled into you new apartment with its cosy fireplace.

    I hope the weather soon allows you to explore your new surroundings. Best wishes ... FAB.