Friday, January 23, 2015

The Beautiful Mute Swan

Last Winter in early January I spent a few hours at Cave Hill Cemetery, located in downtown Louisville, photographing the beautiful lake and a pair of Mute Swans that make their home there. The Swans are such graceful, beautiful creatures and watching them as they moved about the lake side by side, always staying within a few feet of each other, was heartwarming

There are so many aspects of Cave Hill I will miss as I soon make my way South to Nashville. Yet, I realize there are many new adventures waiting for me in Nashville. Percy Pierce Dam, the Cumberland River and Old Hickory Lake are just a few of the areas I plan to explore.

As many of you are aware if you live in the States, there is a fairly good sized storm making its way across the United States tonight heading northeast and yet a second storm will be moving through the Ohio River Valley later this weekend. Everyone travel safely. ENJOY!


  1. Take your time and be safe. I'll look forward to exploring a new region with you, Carol.

  2. Beautiful photo, Carol. I hope your move this weekend goes smoothly and that you have safe travels as well. We're getting a nor'easter with lots of snow tonight from that same storm. I'll look forward to seeing photos from the Nashville area in the future. God bless you!