Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn Color

As I venture outdoors to take in the foliage of early Autumn, the beautiful ornamental colors of the season greet me. The familiar reds and oranges and yellows surround me with every twist and turn in my day. Everywhere we are inundated with orange pumpkins, bright yellow mums and maple trees laden with scarlet red leaves. Yet, every once in a while our travels find us face to face with a much warmer, cooler hue of soft purple, almost lavender.

While visiting the artists' shops in Nashville, Indiana, a few weeks ago, I happened upon these beautiful ornamental cabbages growing near a walkway, virtually hidden by the side of a shop. The large leaves, one overlapping the next, was the perfect setting.

The cabbage's soft green and the faintest purple hues spoke to me as I captured their mere existence, while most people passed by not noticing the beauty that lay there. Did you notice the speckles of cream sprayed across each leaf as though an artist had painted a texture on a canvas.

Last Autumn while walking among the gardens at Yew Dell, I captured several images of this feathery bush with its branches moving softly in the cool breeze. The slightest hint of lavender seemed to come forth from the bright sunshine, yet in the shade fluffy branches waif with the palest blush pink, bringing the bush to life and lending it an almost heavenly feel.

Before I left the gardens at Yew Dell, I spotted a cacti growing near a small sculpture. What I really love about this setting wasn't the cacti, but the beautiful deep purple buds. With Autumn winding down, dried leaves had come to rest in the cacti intermingling between the bulbs and the cacti leaves, adding another dimension to the setting.

Finally, before leaving Yew Dell's gardens, I took a stroll near the Arboretum with its many variety of trees. I looked up to see bright purple berries hanging off the branch of a tree, each berry glistening in the bright sun. My Autumn was complete.

Every season I travel to Nashville's artist community in Indiana, and to Yew Dell Gardens in Kentucky, and more frequently, to Bernheim Arboretum near my home. Visiting these gorgeous settings throughout this particular season, I seek to find Autumn's most unusual displays of color in an effort to capture each one and bring it to you in my images for you to lavish in. This weekend is the annual St. James Court Art Fair, one of the largest in the United States. I hope I can get by there and bring back some images to share with you if time allows and the weather cooperates. I HOPE YOU ENJOY!


  1. Kale, that has glorious colours, and your feathery grass, superb. Hope you have a great time at the Art Fair, sounds like it will be a massive display. Cheers,Jean

  2. Awe, my favorite time of year!! And you have captured the essence of why I love this season!!
    Have a fabulous day!

  3. Gorgeous colours in these autumn plants. The purple cabbage is a beautiful shade. I hope you have good weather for the art fair. Enjoy.