Saturday, October 4, 2014

Autumn, Nashville, Indiana

Who doesn't love small artist's communities filled to the brim with shops, shops and more shops. Nashville, Indiana is one of my stops when I travel to Mustatatuck NWR. The small town is only twenty minutes north of the refuge so I tend to visit in Spring and Fall especially when the seasons are changing.

Moonshine Leather Goods shop is one of those storefronts that beckons you to capture a quick photo. This shop was once home to my favorite store in all of Nashville. Originally the store was packed from the ceiling to the floor with plants and ferns and hanging baskets. Some of the most unusual plants were sold here. The store had two main attractions, a coffee shop and the plant and gardening shop. Sadly, the recession happened to that shop early on. However, Moonshine Leather Goods has transformed it into a great leather shop making it the perfect place to shop for belts and bags and such.

It is especially fun to shop in Nashville during the seasons and take in all of the decor. In Fall, Halloween decor is peppered throughout almost every shop. Winter brings holiday decor, and of course, you can always find tons of gifts for the giving in all of the shops. During the holidays you will receive a warmer welcome as you enter some shops with hot cider and warm cookies to munch on. I'm thinking of making a visit during December this year to check out the holiday decor.

If you should ever find yourself traveling through central Indiana, plan on spending the entire day in Nashville if you come. Grab a bite of lunch or dinner at The Artist's Colony Inn. It's my go to place for lunch on every visit I make. Take a dip at the old fashioned ice cream parlor located at the main intersection of town or grab a bag of warm nuts at the nut shop. It sits right in the center of town. Lots of folks stop and sit and do some people watching on one of the benches scattered throughout town along the sidewalks. I feel really lucky to live so close to a fantastic place to spend some time. It's an added bonus to take photos around town too. I promise I will be back soon. ENJOY!

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  1. I enjoy places like this Carol. What a great little shop. I also like the idea of lunch and the ice cream shop too. I hope you get back for the Christmas season.