Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Autumn Changes

As the weather cools and nights grow longer, 
the flowers and plants at Yew Dell Gardens will wither and die,
Fall sets in bringing with it a chill and then a frost,
One final hoorah brings leaves of bright reds and yellows, 
And finally, as though in protest, they fall away to the earth.

The sunflowers have wilted and hang dead from their stalks.
The last remains of the pumpkins and ghourds in the garden lay as though forgotten.
The Black Eyed Susans bright yellow pedals are dried and crusty.

Fear not dear friends,
for as Autumn passes through to Winter,
children wonder the lanes gathering candies to eat on All Hallowed's Eve,
tables will be set in earnest with Thanksgiving meals,
Christmas parties will take place throughout the community,
New Year's Eve brings champagne flowing and crystal balls to drop,
the frivolity of the holiday season will prevail. ENJOY!


  1. Even the dryness of autumn is lovely, as your photos attest. I like the sunflower seed head!

  2. Autumn colours provide that last hint of a season soon to pass into wintertime, love the sunflower head , and your words add so much, lovely, every one, a super story,( cannot find a word that will do justice to your story lines, they are super,super,) Cheers,Jean.

  3. Beautiful photos. I love the sunflower head.