Monday, September 2, 2013

Green Heron, Mustatatuck NWR

In all of the years I have been visiting Mustatatuck, I had never laid eyes on a Green Heron. Never. I'm sure there were Green Herons present there, but I never saw one. I'd seen many a Great Blue Heron and Great White Egrets, but no Green Heron. I read on one of the birding websites that someone spotted one yesterday so I was looking for him when I drove the auto tour route. And sure enough, there he was in the main marsh along the auto tour standing knee deep in the green swamp water. It was as though he were waiting for me to come along so I could photograph him.

He was a busy guy too. He crept up on quite a few frogs and downed each one quickly only to move on to the next. I was a far distance from him on the road so not all of my images were sharp. These were some of the best ones.

I was amazed at how easy this Green Heron captured each frog time and time again in the short time I sat and watched him from my car. Much more frequently than a Great Blue Heron catches his prey. I suppose being small has its advantages.

There were several Plovers hanging out in the adjacent swamp that I captured some images of which I'll save for another post. It was cooler today and while heavy rain drenched parts of Louisville including around my house, I managed to miss it. As I drove home from southern Indiana today, it was obvious Fall isn't too far around the bend. I got the sense from scanning the landscape from the tiniest hint in the change of colors. Hope your weekend was great. ENJOY!


  1. Was this a tripod and telephoto lens day? He is stunning, and the feathers stand out in each colour so well, love the green swamp. Greetings from Jean.

    1. No tripod just my 300 zoom Jean. So glad you like these images. Talk to you soon. Carol

  2. Superb shots of these colorful hunters. They are very good at capturing their prey. I observe them often in small ponds and backwaters(frog ponds). Once you have spotted them your eyes will pick up on them more and more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a handsome bird and a fine hunter, too! Your photos are one of a kind - great find, Carol.

  4. What fun! Green Herons are my favorites.