Saturday, September 7, 2013

Great Blue Heron, Evening Light

A warm golden light bathed the green swamps of the main marsh at Mustatatuck on Monday. I pulled my car over next to the side of the main auto tour road and rolled down my window. For a brief moment, just before flying off to a nearby marsh, this Great Blue Heron stood downing his catch, his legs covered in green algae from the heavy swamp waters. Only a mere few feet away stood a Green Heron scanning the same surroundings in hopes of a catch himself. The warm light accentuated the Heron's gorgeous plumage.

I couldn't not share this image with you even though it isn't the sharpest. The sun hanging low in the sky cast shadows over the marsh, while its golden light illuminated areas of the swamp. What contrast. After photographing the Great Blue Heron in the past few years, I've come to the conclusion that vantage point tends to dictate whether the Heron stays in position or flies away as we mere mortals approach. When I photographed the Heron earlier in summer it was well below me in the swampy ditch and I, no doubt, didn't seem so looming. So he allowed me to photograph him for quite some time before I got too close and he flew away. However, on this day I was near eye level with this particular Heron and, no doubt, I must have seemed larger to him. And having just downed a good meal, he decidedly flew away almost immediately. However, he wasn't what I was really after in that swamp. I was really after the Green Heron. Yet, every time I saw this image in my software I would stop. Its warm hues invited me in. And I rarely get a good photo of a Great Blue Heron with his catch. ENJOY!

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