Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Be it a beautiful white Easter Lily flower or a Sunday sunrise service, we will celebrate Easter.
I conjure up memories of Easters' past as a young child. I recall falling asleep the night before Easter Sunday wondering if the Easter Bunny would come to visit and leave us goodies. And, of course, he did. I would awake on Easter morning and scamper out of bed to search the house over for my Easter basket. And after my discovery I would carefully inspect the contents therein. And there tucked in neatly among the basket filling were many a yellow marshmallow Peep, and chocolate Easter bunnies, and red and blue and green jelly beans, and pink and blue malted milk balls. My Mother was a fantastic Easter basket afficionado. Thanks Mom. Happy Easter and May God Bless all of my friends, family and followers. ENJOY!


  1. Your photo is perfect for our Easter Monday here. I love your story of Easter goodies. Such excitement as a child is a wonderful memory to keep forever. Cheers from Jean.

  2. Perfect photo for Easter Carol. Your memories are just like my happy ones.

  3. Your mother and mine must have had similar thought because your basket contents as a child were what I got too.

    Love the softness of this image Carol.