Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blue Winged Teal Duck

Admittedly, I've been absent all week from my blog. Sorry guys, deadlines, out of town meetings and conference calls, well what can I say.

Recently, I made a quick trek to Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge to check on the status of the 'flyables'. Yep, this is a Blue Winged Teal Duck. Yep, I'd never laid eyes on one before, that I could recall, so I add a new bird to my Life List. Yippee! I wished I could have gotten a better image, but the pair of Blue Winged Teals I discovered in the marshes along the Auto Tour, floated rapidly away from the parameter of the marsh as I got closer. At first I didn't see them because they were swimming in the midst of a pretty large flock of American Coots. But then I realized there were a few ducks who stood out from the stark black feathers, as is customary of Coots. It's going to be beautiful today, but rainy tomorrow so I don't know how much I'll get outdoors to partake in photographing Spring. I am, however, keeping a close eye on the Japanese Magnolias and Crab Apple trees at Bernheim anxiously awaiting full blooms so I can get a few pics. Any time spent outdoors this week was spent planting flowers or painting lawn furniture. UGH. Have a great weekend. ENJOY!


  1. Congrats on the lifer Carol!!

  2. It is new to me, too. In fact, it isn't in my New England field guide. The color sure stands out, although I can't see the blue wings. Is spring in full swing down there? We are going to have rain tomorrow, but the upper part of the state is expecting snow. Hopefully, the weather will be warm by the end of the month.

    1. This duck flies thru on his way north. Spring s in full swing here and tomorrow should be in the 80's!!!