Monday, March 11, 2013

Chestnut Beauty in the Bluegrass

Allow me to introduce you, Mary's Prospect, these are my friends. Friends, this is Mary's Prospect. Isn't he beautiful. And to think he allowed me to capture several images while grazing the pasture at one of the Bluegrass area's beautiful horse farms.
Sunday I drove to Bernheim, but prior to that I drove to the Bluegrass area, which I like to say is my backyard. It only takes about forty five minutes and I'm there. There amongst the pastures with its beautiful Bluegrass. There amongst the fence lines be it black or white or historic limestone. There amongst the black stallions, the chestnut horses and the brood mares. There amongst the horse barns and the cuppolas that seemed to reach to the skies. There amongst all of that fabulous history that reminds me every time I go of just how absolutely fantastic it is. I hope the start of your week is going well. ENJOY!

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  1. Yes, he sure is beautiful. You have good taste in friends, Carol.