Thursday, March 14, 2013

Witch Hazel

Don't you love the old school names for some flowers. I do. Witch Hazel sounds so mysterious to me. These little baby flowers were peeking out of their buds in the Arboretum at Bernheim last weekend. I so love the craggy looking branches on this tree. Hope your week has faired well. The weekend is almost upon us and I can only hope for a few hours of sunshine at least what with winter still hanging on for dear life. ENJOY!


  1. This is a fun shot, Carol. Witch Hazel always reminds me of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers when the boys come back all scraped up up from fighting or some such thing and the older brother's wife prescribes witch hazel sequentially for all their cuts and bruises.

  2. Carol, this is a delightful image, delicate, soft and very appealing to me.