Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cherry Dogwood Buds

Although the skies were slightly overcast today, as I drove the usual parameter road around the Arboretum at Bernheim, I still managed to get out and take a few images, in particular of this beautiful Cornelian Cherry Dogwood. This particular Dogwood is indigenous of Europe and Western Asia. And I admit that I had never met its acquaintance in past visits to Bernheim. This is the first year I have driven up the Overlook Drive at Bernheim on an early Spring day. But I'm glad I did, because this was the only tree in the entire Arboretum that I found to be in the midst of bursting open with these gorgeous bright yellow blossoms. That's not to say there aren't lots of trees ready to burst open.
Last year Kentucky experienced quite an early Spring. During this same week last year I was photographing the Magnolia Hybrids in bloom. Not so this year. Spring is taking its 'ol sweet time. But that's OK, as I'm perfectly happy photographing this beautiful Cherry Dogwood. A few more weeks and Spring will be in full swing. I realize some of you folks are under siege by the fierce winter storm dumping more snow in the Rockies. And I know many of you are still shoveling out from the winter storm that dumped heavy snow on the Eastern seaboard and New England last week. I feel your pain. Here in Kentucky we are going to 'Spring Forward' tonight and lose an hour on our clocks. We'll have to adjust our body clocks as well. But tomorrow we'll find the light of day lasting later into the evening. I like the sound of that. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend whether you're shoveling snow or on the hunt for Spring blooms or just hanging out on the couch. ENJOY!

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