Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Northern Harrier

Early in the new year, I spent some time in southwest Indiana in search of Short Earred Owls which had been spotted near a mine. Unfortunately, the Owls had moved on. However, there were birds of prey everywhere. While I venture to guess this is a Northern Harrier, I could easily be wrong. So if you have another thought, please share.
This particular Northern Harrier flew all around me keeping an eye on me as it scanned the fields for voles. He would fly, then land at a distance, scan the area and then take flight again. He did this repeatedly. My guess is he had an appetite which needed satisfying. I had to crop this image heavily just to get a closer look at him as he was busy. I haven't been out taking photos since some time in January. I've been battling a sinus infection which had left me exhausted, and while I did manage to work, that is about all I cared to do. There is a strong possibility that I've succeeded in freeing myself of its grip. And should this be the case, hopefully, I'll be outdoors photographing nature soon. As I write this post, we have an inch of snow on the ground that accumulated just since 5 p.m. It has stopped snowing now, but more is due later in the night. Hope all is well with you. ENJOY!


  1. She is a beautiful Harrier Carol.

    I hope that your health improves quickly so you are back in the field soon!

  2. Lovely bird. So fascinating to watch. Here is hoping you have the sinus infection whipped and can get out and bring us more great photos.

  3. Visiting your blog is a visit to spring, Carol. Even with a dab of snow! This is a good shot, and I loved hearing about your interaction with the hawk.