Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring Brings

Spring brings purple crocus and bright yellow daffodils as they emerge from their winter's berth.

Spring brings pink tulips and white dogwood blooms. Spring brings yellow Forsythias and fresh green grasses. Spring brings sunny days with bright blue skies and wispy white clouds. Spring brings misty rains and oft times blustery March winds. For many of us we are still in the throws of Winter's last hooray, but we can dream of days to come and Spring. A few months ago I spent the afternoon at the St. James Court Art Show, and while there, I captured this image of this beautiful old staircase situated along Belgravia Court. Belgravia is lined with old architecturally ornate yet beautiful homes and is known as Old Louisville. Every single one of you who reads this post would truly love it. Of that I am certain. It is truly a beautiful place to walk. As you walk this court, you can't help but look at the old houses and wonder what life was like when they were first build centuries ago. Already the days are growing longer here. Soon we will 'Spring Forward' with our clocks. Can it be that Winter is almost done? ENJOY!

1 comment :

  1. Lovely blue to soften the step outlines, perfect. Yes, I often look at old barns, time worn little homes, and wonder who lived there and how did the family struggle, with primitive conditions all those years ago, The steps, who built them, how many men toiled for a very long time, and how many thousand of feet have walked there? Cheers from jean.