Friday, February 22, 2013

Blue Damselfly

As I photographed this beautiful specimen of a Blue Damselfly in September of last year near Richart Lake in Mustatatuck, I wasn't sure if I really liked the image.
But some post processing to the background proved to enhance the Damselfly and bring out the soft blues in the insect. And I have to admit I was always in love with this composition. While the Blue Damselfly is very common, I don't often see them. Perhaps I'm not really looking. Thankfully, he spent a brief few seconds resting on this beautiful wildflower near the water's edge. Hope you have something fun planned this week. The ice that blanketed our area late last evening has since melted. We should have some temps in the 50's this weekend and some sun. ENJOY!


  1. it is lovely, and the framing sets it off perfectly. Hope you get some sun and a warmer weekend. Greetings from Jean

  2. A perfect framing of Damselfly and flower. I love the predominance of green with the touch of other colors. Snowing slowly here in CO.