Friday, January 18, 2013


Several years ago I came across a beautiful flowering plant that I hadn't made an acquaintance with prior to that time, Protea, which also is known in some circles as Sugarbush. This flowering plant with many many species hails from South Africa. In the 17th century botanists from the Cape of Good Hope took a special interest in the plant at which time it was given its name. Believe it or not though, this plant has ancient roots that dates all the way back some 300 million years ago. Wow! What an ancestory.
This flowering plant is hardy and grows densely in low lying areas in the very southern regions of South Africa between two mountainous areas. I personally have become attached to the blooms because of their gorgeous detail. Just look at it. I can't imagine how Mother Nature can create such intricate patterns. This is the perfect flower to mix with other flowers in a vase. So if your honey is contemplating flowers for Valentine's Day, write down 'Protea' and tell him to give it to the florist. They'll know exactly what it is. I guess it's obvious, I'm missing those Spring and Summer blooms. Have a great weekend. ENJOY!


  1. Carol, we have one in our garden, and the blooms are stunning, from the tightly closed bud, to full open, you have created a beuatiful image. Cheers from Jean.

  2. This is totally new to me. Thanks for the introduction. It very pretty.