Saturday, January 19, 2013

Early Summer In The Bluegrass

Watching sheep grazing in the pasture amongst the horse farms in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky one early summer day was a real treat.
Sunlight flooded the landscape. A gentle breeze wafted across the fields. Surrounded by horse farms with barns and fences and thoroughbreds. Yet, amongst all of that grandeur, and in spite of the pomp and circumstance of such a majestic animal, this mere handful of sheep stood lapping up the fresh new grasses of early Summer. Paying me no mind, they lazily, yet laboriously, inched their way across the pasture as they grazed. ENJOY! PHOTOGRAPHERS NOTE: Image enhanced by Ortonish texture.


  1. You're making me think of summer, Carol. So nice in Denver today - shirtsleeve weather. No sheep, though.

  2. After the freezing cold temps here lately this image made me feel warmer just to look at it!