Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Stretching, Mute Swans

It has been fun working with and posting images over the past few weeks of the pair of Mute Swans I captured recently at Cave Hill Cemetery, which is situated in the heart of Louisville. The cemetery itself is huge and houses many, many well known folks, the least of which is Colonel Harlan Sanders of KFC fame. It's a beautiful cemetery with the most gorgeous headstones and mausoleums, not to mention the greenery, trees, flowers and shrubs.
The day I took these images the sun was flooding the beautiful white feathers of this pair of mated Swans as I walked toward the pair at the far end of the lake. In order not to totally blow out the feathers, I softened the image. I swear it was as though this larger Swan was stretching out and posing just for the camera. And that was ok with me. It is sleeting here in Louisville tonight. Hope it doesn't accumulate. ENJOY!


  1. The treatment you gave this photo makes it really outstanding, Carol. I'd love to see some of those headstones - you'll have to make another trip!

    1. Barb I actually thought about you on this trip because I know how you love headstones so yes I'll go back soon and take a few just for you as I want to get back there and scout some other areas too. Stay warm. Carol

  2. The color pallet in this shot is outstanding!

  3. This is dreamy Carol! Well done.

  4. What graceful birds! This is a lovely shot, Carol.