Sunday, October 14, 2012

Image of Fall Past

A storm is on the horizon today. The winds are blowing in and blowing my pillows around on the patio floor. Soon the rain will begin and continue throughout the day and into the afternoon and evening. The sun is only barely peeking in and out of the heavy cloud cover.
Today seemed the perfect day to travel back to Fall in year's past. My journey through my archive began by traveling from Fall 2009 on to Fall 2010, and then on to last year, Fall 2011. Each year's Fall vastly different from the previous. By chance I stopped at this image from Fall 2011 where my journey ended. As this image captured my attention, I went back in my mind to the wildflower meadow of last year. So glad for the opportunity to remember those beautiful natural wood bird boxes, sitting in the wildflower meadow at Bernheim, before they were painted earlier this Spring in bright yellows and blues. And while I never discovered the why behind their brightly colored paint jobs, I am certain there must have been a very good reason. So I share this image with you right where my journey halted, just as this bird box stood in the meadow in the Fall of 2011, when the wildflowers were more plentiful in this meadow. Sadly this year only wildflowers along the parameter of the meadow survived the drought. Sad but true, time changes everything. What has time changed in your world. ENJOY!


  1. This looks like a cozy little abode. I think I like the boxes unpainted the best. (Especially with that little bouquet in front!) Our change is having snow on the ground. The high peaks are glistening.

  2. This is a dreamy image Carol, I love it!

  3. This is nice, Carol. I agree with Barb, the bare wood looks good.

    1. Sandy I went to look at your blog and it was deleted. Where are you and what happened. I miss you gal. Carol