Monday, October 15, 2012

Reaching Peak, Bernheim's Fall

As I drove the usual route through Bernheim late day recently, I found some of the trees were reaching peak while others would probably reach their peak by week's end. This weekend is Bernheim's Colorfest. I decided to pay a visit prior to the big event while the throngs of visitors weren't present and Bernheim was quiet and serene as is the usual.
As I passed the Sun and Shade Trail, I looked back across the tallgrass prairie at the log cabin which houses various events throughout the year at Bernheim. It was so beautiful, I stopped and took a few images to share with you.
Farther on down the same road, I looked across the prairie in the opposite direction to see the huge maple tree that sits along the road leading to Mac's Lake. It's yellows were peaking and the trees shrouded in orange close by, well, I was left with no other alternative but to stop and take a few images here as well. Every year it is so gorgeous to see the beautiful trees transformed to yellows, oranges and reds at one of my favorite places to visit, Bernheim. Everyone have a great week. ENJOY!


  1. Phew! Once again I find myself behind on my blogging friends' posts. You've got some good stuff in your recent posts.

  2. I miss the beautiful colors that maples provide. Those vibrant colors among the green are quite a contrast.