Saturday, September 22, 2012

Grasshopper, Close Up

Last week I took a brief walk through the Prairie at Bernheim. It was a beautiful day but rather windy. The landscapers had cut a wide path through the tall grasses. I encountered a very, very large Grasshopper hanging tight to a stalk of tall grass and no amount of wind was going to dislodge him. So I stopped for a few minutes and took a few photographs. Later I dropped the images in my software so I could get a close up look at it. Do you see the intricate details on his body. It's amazing. I especially like the 'coat of armor' around the back of his neck and his antenna, but look at the size of those wings, not to mention his legs. Amazing. God's creatures truly are amazing. Tonight is slightly cool and feels like a Fall evening on this first day of Autumn. I'm so happy to have cool nights and even a few cooler days. Hope you're having a great weekend. ENJOY!


  1. Great close up Carol! Lovely colors and details.

  2. I like the composition of this image. The colors are wonderful.

  3. It did come out great!