Friday, September 21, 2012

A Solitary Monarch

A beautiful Monarch was busily feasting on a butterfly bush at Bernheim last weekend near the Pavilion. The wind was brisk at times so he would hang on the bush as it swayed back and forth in the wind. It was difficult to get a decent shot. As I walked closer, he immediately flew away. Unfortunately, he didn't land anywhere nearby. This was the best image I could get. I sharpened it as much as would allow. Have a great weekend everyone. ENJOY!


  1. No only is the butterfly pretty, it is in good shape! Do the butterfly bushes grow wild down there, or are they planted in the gardens? I have tried buying them and growing them from seed with equal bad luck.

    1. These butterfly bush were planted at Bernheim in the Pavilion area. There are quite a few this year. I have seen very little if any Swallowtails this year. Just Buckeyes, Painted Ladies and this Monarch.

  2. Beautiful butterfly and blossoms Carol! I miss my Butterfly Bushes but I get to see your images of them!