Sunday, September 23, 2012

Burnt and Beautiful

Allow me to take you back to those 'Dog Days of Summer' with its sweltering heat and temps hovering in the 90's while the sun slowly bakes the water in Lake Reichert at Mustatatuck NWR. Now look out on the lake for as far as the eye can see. Do you see one Water Lily plant after another. Far off in the distance. Seemingly hundreds of them. Their stunningly huge lily pads standing tall, held fast by one tiny thin stalk wavering in the breezes. And then there are those gorgeous, butter yellow Lotus flowers with their velvety petals opening faithfully in early morn and closing again before dusk has yet to set in.
Standing amongst the literal sea of lily pads you'll find huge cone shaped seed pods sprouting up everywhere, holding all of the beauty that is the Lotus flower, securely within, just waiting for a chance to break free.
But sadly, some didn't make it through the heat of summer. And yet, in spite of the fact that their beautiful flowers didn't spring forth, there is still something ethereal about the huge burnt pod. Brown, crusty and yet still beautiful.
If you reside anywhere near Mustatatuck, in south central Indiana, stop in. The diversity of the wildlife refuge never ceases to amaze me. The endless landscape of Water Lily Pads this season was unsurpassed. I learned while reading about these gorgeous plants the flower is actually a Lotus flower, and not a Water Lily. Such a common mistake made by us folks in identifying the flower that Water Lily is now accepted as its name, even though it isn't. Amazing what Mother Nature teaches us as we continue to document its beauty. Everyone have a fantastic week. ENJOY!


  1. I adore Lotus flowers and those wonderful seedpods. Great work Carol!

  2. The flowers are nice, but the seedpods even better.