Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting Your Scare On

A few weeks ago while visiting Nashville, Indiana, and the lovely shops there, I noticed several had displays all decked out for Halloween featuring various ghoulish characters. So I thought I'd post one to help you "Get Your Scare On." I know usually kiddos are the ones who get to dress up, but if you have a chance, perhaps you should be a kid again and dress up for All Hallowed's Eve while handing out candy to the tricksters. After all we're all still just kids at heart. ENJOY!


  1. My grandkids would be scared if someone came to the door like this!

  2. Love it! People would be scared if I dressed up as anything other than a bird photographer, they would know who I was.

    1. Umm, that was meant to be "they wouldn't know who I was"

  3. It did scare me when the page opened. I was not expecting an old witch. If you put that outside, you will scare away your trick or treaters.