Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Myers Barn

My favorite old barn, historically speaking, sits in the back section of Mustatatuck NWR in south central Indiana. An old log cabin sits in the yard nearer the road. But I truly love the old barn.
Unfortunately, after taking these images from my recent visit there, and dropping them in my software, I realized that the drought had taken somewhat of a toll on the woods around the barn. To see a much greener landscape around Myer's Barn, just take a look at my sidebar as there's an image there taken about 10 years ago one summer. I might add that image was taken with my old Pentax camera using Fuji film. I really miss the vivid colors of slide film, but not the cost to process it. Have a good week. ENJOY!


  1. A grand old homestead! Nothing like weathered wood.

  2. Wonder if it belonged to my Myers family? I love old barns, they are disappearing. Beautiful photographs.