Monday, April 16, 2012

Wildflowers, Otter Creek Park

In the high altitudes of Colorado, there is still snow on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, while a damp wind blows down in the city of Denver. Farther north in the Canadian provinces, snow lingers on the ground making one's longing for Spring that much stronger. And in southern Maine, those dark, dreary days of winter hold steadfast to the surroundings.

Yet, here in Kentucky, where thoroughbreds and the Kentucky Derby are on the minds of many folks here in the Bluegrass State, while the Derby looms right around the corner, it's Spring! There's no doubt about it. The wildflowers are blooming, the sun is shining and those beautiful blue skies are filled with milky white, fluffy clouds. The daffodils have come and gone. The tulips are still hanging on. And all the flowering trees are about to sing their last song. Even the Goldfinches have returned from their winter homes far far away in the Southern Hemisphere.

This Spring, more so than in ones past, I have taken notice through my friends just how 'early' Spring has 'come' to Kentucky. So, for all of my friends who live where winter 'will not' let go and cold dreary days refuse to cease, I wish for you wildflowers, sunny days and bright blue skies very, very,very soon. I especially love the Fire Pink in the second image as there really aren't that many red wildflowers if you think about it. ENJOY!


  1. Well, I am beginning to see a few flowers, up here in Maine, but nothing like that! What are the bright red flowers in the second shot?

    1. Fire Pink. Aren't they beautiful.

  2. I love these close up landscapes, they feel so very intimate!