Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pink Azaleas

At Bernheim, there is a huge, and I do mean huge, Azalea bush blooming right now. It has a mixture of pink, leaning towards purple, blooms and is simply gorgeous. Here's just one of several images I took on my last visit. And a quick note, I did add a Bookah texture to this image in Paint software. This particular Bookah texture, I found free online and it has many colored pastels to it which I really like. After adding the Bookah, I then flattened the image. To give a more pronounced feeling to the image, I then added the Oil Painting effect to it, also in Paint, and maximized the density and coarseness of that effect. This tends to give the image a pronounced feel which in some cases I really like. I hope your week is going well. ENJOY!


  1. It is lovely! Now, where did you get this program? I like what it does.

    1. Sandy, Paint is a free software program you can download to your computer. I have Picasa and Paint and switch between the two to do various things. Just Google Paint.net and it'll come up and you can download it. Carol

  2. Thanks, Carol. I will download it.