Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Derby, Derby & More Derby

If you live anywhere near Louisville, Kentucky, right now, you know what is currently top of mind with most folks in these parts. The Derby. There's Derby hats and Derby parties to prepare for and Derby recipes to contemplate. There's Derby Pie, Derby Mint Juleps, Derby roses, Derby horses, and well, everything Derby. Not to mention the one place it all comes down to, the Churchill Downs.

It's all taking front row for the next few weeks here in 'Derby City USA'. And it's all being kicked off this Saturday evening at Thunder Over Louisville, one of America's largest fireworks displays with two barges filled to the brim with fireworks and fireworks to be let off across one of our bridges that spans the Ohio. And let's not forget the Air Force and their show they put on for us over the waterfront every Thunder Saturday afternoon.

You really should come do the 'Derby' one year. It's something to see. And if you happen to stop by this fair city in the next few weeks, make a side trip over to The Flower Studio in Chenoweth Square. All of these Derby goodies you see in this image I took recently for a magazine ad are for sale, as well as many Spring decor items.

As for me, I may go down by the waterfront Saturday night to see if I can get any new fireworks images, but if not, it's no biggee. After all, there's only going to be 10,000 people down there. I'm not big on big crowds. ENJOY!


  1. Fireworks over water would be grand to see - but all those people! Hope your weather is good.

  2. I love the image of the fireworks over the river Carol!

  3. I am not a fireworks person, but would love to see the horses!